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Company  and Brand

New York, NY


Successfully funded on Indiegogo



Yanko Design

Urban Gardens




Cloud Farms is a brand and company that was launched in order to increase access to clean food by making growing accessible to everyone. The business focuses on design and manufacturing of consumer products for indoor gardening.


The brand was launched through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com with a set-and-forget hydroponic planter called Amphora. The 1.5 liter, cast ceramic planter was designed through a process of sketching, prototyping, 3D printing, rendering and was ultimately manufactured by slip-casting. By 3D printing a positive form for mold making, the planters were made to exactly the correct size and shape as specified.


The planter requires only a one time setup and no further watering as it holds enough water for the lifetime of an herb plant.  Seed kits were designed, tested, assembled, and packaged to make for an extremely user friendly product that includes graphic instructions and all parts necessary to use the planter.