Designed for Pratt Institute Soft Prototypes II


While many backpacks designed specifically for soccer may be able to carry a ball, they miss out on an opportunity to connect with the user's desire to identify with the game. Rather than hide the ball inside of the bag, it can be held in such a way that it is prominent, and displayed in a unique way. The Fubak soccer backpack uses colors and lines inspired by the game, and centers around the only thing that is truly critical to playing this universal sport; the ball.

Functionally, the backpack is broken into two pieces, with the ball holder able to detach from the main bag, including a pocket just for small items such as a wallet and keys. This can be used when you are just running to the field and you don't need much stuff. If you have more things to bring, the bag can handle it. It even has pockets between the back pad and the major compartment, so if you have a dirty shirt that you don't want to mix in with your belongings, you can keep it on the outside.