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Biome - Window Greenhouse

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‚ÄčNIMBUSNimbus is a personal hydroponic farming system for the home. Designed to grow 2 leafy green vegetable plants in as little as 6 to 8 weeks and using automatic watering without any soil, Nimbus is the best way to get started growing your own food inside your home. Constructed from glass, aluminum and steel, Nimbus is not only meant to last, but is meant to look and feel great.A typical schedule for refilling the 3-liter glass reservoir is once every two weeks, and when you do, it can be removed from the tower for easy cleaning and filling in your sink.Every Nimbus comes with two pots for growing called Droplet. Each Droplet is cast in porcelain and glazed white with a rubber port for plugging into water lines. BIOMEBiome is a window installed greenhouse designed to work with the Nimbus system. Installing like an air-conditioner, and with adjustable wings, the clear polycarbonate body protrudes from a window into the air, maximizing the amount of natural light for your plants to grow. Biome truly is a breakthrough alternative to using high powered growing lights for indoor plants. The intention of these products is make growing accessible to as many people as possible, and these products allow people to grow incredibly clean and fresh food right in their homes. The design for ease of use, the simple and clean forms, and the quality of material are deliberately aimed at making products that people can enjoy using and living with. The products are meant to embrace the growing process and emphasize the beauty of the plants. PressYanko DesignInhabitatAgritectureEdible BrooklynGreenisgoodradio