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New York, NY


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Cloud Farms is a brand and company that was launched in order to increase access to clean food by making growing accessible to everyone. The business focuses on design and manufacturing of consumer products for indoor gardening.


The brand was launched through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com with a set-and-forget hydroponic planter called Amphora. The 1.5 liter, cast ceramic planter was designed through a process of sketching, prototyping, 3D printing, rendering and was ultimately manufactured by slip-casting. By 3D printing a positive form for mold making, the planters were made to exactly the correct size and shape as specified.


The planter requires only a one time setup and no further watering as it holds enough water for the lifetime of an herb plant.  Seed kits were designed, tested, assembled, and packaged to make for an extremely user friendly product that includes graphic instructions and all parts necessary to use the planter.





Firefly Folding Camp Chair

Bradley Ferrada Design Studio Concept

New York, NY


Combining simple, semi-organic cylindrical forms with textural materials, beautifully worn, tactile, and authentic; these risers feature in many of the redesigned Coach retail stores.



Modern Luxury Risers

For Coach Inc. - www.coach.com

New York, NY


Combining simple, semi-organic cylindrical forms with textural materials, beautifully worn, tactile, and authentic; these risers feature in many of the redesigned Coach retail stores.



Fubak - Soccer Backpack Concept


While many backpacks designed specifically for soccer may be able to carry a ball, they miss out on an opportunity to connect with the user's desire to identify with the game. Rather than hide the ball inside of the bag, it can be held in such a way that it is prominent, and displayed in a unique way. The Fubak soccer backpack uses colors and lines inspired by the game, and centers around the only thing that is truly critical to playing this universal sport; the ball.




Nimbus - Personal Farm System

Biome - Window Greenhouse

For Cloud Farms - www.cloud-farms.com


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Nimbus is a small, personal hydroponic farm system designed for the home. Grow clean, fresh vegetables in your home in a system that not only looks great, but is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Biome is a greenhouse that installs into a window like an air conditioner, maximizing the amount of natural light for your plants.



Yanko Design



Edible Brooklyn







Bleecker Bench - Outdoor Seating

For Coach Inc. - www.coach.com

Storefront at 370 Bleecker St. New York, NY


A simple yet sophisticated integration of nature in this outdoor seating. Laminated strips of mahogany comprise the seat, attaching to a stained concrete planter. Aligning the concrete and wood to create a continuous clean line makes it feel as though the plants are growing out of the seat itself.





Templo - Stool


In June of 2013, Twelve designers from the graduate program at Pratt Institute traveled to Malinalco, a town nestled in the mountains in Central Mexico, to collaborate with local artisans.  The Templo stool embodies this collaboration.


See the blog here http://themalinalcoproject.wordpress.com/

And see the photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/96952067@N08/







Perch - Lounge Chair Concept


A chair that is a space within a space; surrounding without enclosing; somewhere to focus inwards without having to hide.  You can face forward and socialize or put up a leg, get into a corner, focus in on a book, and disconnect from your immediate preoccupations.



Med-Lite - Surgical Headset Concept


An ergonomic surgical headset that contours over and around the head, distributing weight and fitting comfortably.  A co-molded foam liner and removable Velcro strap make for easy cleaning without the additional cracks and seams of most headsets.